RAPID Testing for both active virus and recovery antibodies.

How Testing is completed:

The test is a quick finger stick with your results being available in 10-15 minutes. The test will show if you currently have the virus if you have had the virus and or the recovery antibodies.

RAPID COVID-19 Testing Availability

RAPID COVID-19 Testing is available by appointment for a small fee of $50, which will be reimbursed once your insurance pays. No insurance, no problem! It is only $60 with no other hidden fees or billing. We also have Antigen or Nasal Swab testing for the cost of your out-of-network copay. Without insurance, these tests will cost you $100. Graham Family Dental is committed to ensuring the safety of not only our patients but anyone wanting and/or needing a test.

For Larger Groups and School Districts:

Dr. Graham would like to extend the offer of onsite and/or drive through testing as needed by appointment. If you want to test, please call our office and arrange dates of testing and the number of tests needed.

We look forward to serving you with your testing needs.

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