RAPID Testing for both active virus and recovery antibodies.

How Testing is completed:

The test is a quick finger stick with your results being available in 10-15 minutes. The test will show if you currently have the virus, if you have had the virus and or the recovery antibodies.

RAPID COVID-19 Testing Availability

RAPID COVID-19 Testing, is available by appointment for a small fee of $40, which will be reimbursed once your insurance pays. No insurance, No problem, it is only $40 with no other hidden fees or billing to you.  Graham Family Dental is committed to ensuring the safety of not only our patients but anyone wanting and or needing a test.

For Larger Groups and School Districts:

Dr. Graham would like to extend the offer of onsite and/or drive through testing as needed by appointment. If you want to test, please call our office and arrange dates of testing and number of tests needed. We will require a deposit of $40, with or without insurance, per test that will be reimbursed to you once insurance pays.

We look forward to serving you with your testing needs.

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