Aug 01, 2020

Everybody wishes for smooth skin, free from dark spots, and wrinkles. But, because of different factors, most people have an uneven skin tone. Fortunately, with modern treatments such as photo facials, you can have smooth and blemish-free skin. Continue reading to learn how.

What are Photofacials?

If you have skin burns, acne scars, or age spots, photo facials can help. This is a laser rejuvenation therapy that stimulates collagen production and treats skin discoloration. It is a pain-free procedure that can improve your skin appearance. Although it benefits many people, photo facials treatment is not ideal for people with dark skin tones or tans.

What are the Different Types?

There are two types of photo facials and are different in terms of the light used.

  • IPL (intense pulsed light) photo facials use handheld devices to produce a spectrum of light. It penetrates the deeper layer of skin and is ideal.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) photo facial also uses a handheld device or a lamp to produce different colors of lights. The color of the light influences the results of the treatment. The LED light works on the epidermis and is ideal for treating acne. Because of the simplicity of the skin treatment, the LED photo facial can be done at home or in the spa.

When Are They Used?

Photo facials are used to treat or improve:

  • Age spots
  • Sun damage (sun spots)
  • Birthmarks
  • Broken capillaries
  • General skin redness
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation

How Do They Work?

In both LED and IPL, your skin absorbs light and converts it into energy. The targeted areas of the skin absorb the heat and stimulate the cells to generate collagen.

Collagen strengthens the skin. The production of collagen is affected by many factors with age, being the major one. Exposure to sunlight can also affect the collagen production process.

With the Photo facials, you can improve the collagen levels, remove blemishes, and enhance skin appearance.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

Our skincare specialists will clean the skin and apply the gel to the affected area. The laser light from the LED or IPL devices is passed over your skin. The choice of photo facials will depend on the type of skin marks you have.

The therapy takes 20 to 90 minutes, but the duration may vary depending on the body part being treated and the type of therapy. The photo facials procedure may be repeated a couple of times to achieve the desired results.

What are the Benefits of Photo facials?

Photo facials is an effective skin treatment therapy with a few benefits:

  • An evened and smooth skin
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment
  • Improvement of sunspots, uneven pigmentation and early signs of aging

Please note it takes a couple of weeks to start seeing the benefits. Be patient and attend the sessions as guided by our specialist.

Are There Risks Involved?

Though you may enjoy the benefits mentioned above, there may be a few risks, such as:

  • Increased redness. Photo facials make your skin look better, but the treatment can do contrary to some patients.
  • Pigmentation changes. Decreased pigmentation can be evidenced, especially if your skin has a tan.
  • Skin blisters and swelling. Face swelling is normal, particularly in severely sun-damaged skin.
  • Infections. The therapy can cause skin infections resulting in wounds.

The risks mainly affect dark-skinned people or those who easily burn. Bleeding and scarring can also occur, though it is rare.

Before the procedure, we will examine your skin. But, it is crucial to inform our skincare specialist about any existing conditions and if you are on any medication.

Our dermatologist may advise you to keep off some activities, medications, and other products such as:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Tanning beds
  • Collagen injections

How long do The Results Last?

The results of photo facial may last between six to 12 months. Avoid things that may damage your skin. Furthermore, schedule maintenance procedures bi-annually or annually to enhance the results.

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Photo facials can help you get rid of uneven skin tone and blemishes. However, it is important to have an assessment done before you can get the skin treatment. Visit Graham Family Dental clinic for a comprehensive skin assessment and diagnosis.

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