Fluoride Treatment in Greenville, TX

Most people know that fluoride can prevent teeth from developing cavities, but parents may wonder if it’s safe for small children. What they may not realize is that fluoride is a mineral that’s in nearly every living thing on earth, including plants, water, and the dirt on the ground. However, is a fluoride treatment safe for kids?

Why do Children Need Fluoride Treatments?

One reason your child’s dentist may suggest giving him or her fluoride treatments is because of poor brushing habits. Although they may brush their teeth, kids don’t always do a good job of it. They may only brush the fronts of their teeth and think that’s good enough, but they may inadvertently ignore the back and tops of their teeth. Also, they may not floss every day.

Consumption of Carbohydrates

Many children also eat too many sugar-laden foods like sugared cereals, desserts, and sugary drinks. Sugars, food debris, and poor oral hygiene habits are bad for young teeth because bacteria can develop and hide in and between teeth, start decaying, and form bacteria that causes cavities.

Fortunately, our dentist at Graham Family Dental has experience working with kids and their families to help them prevent tooth decay.

Using Fluoride Treatments

Our dentist in Greenville, TX will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth for areas of tooth decay. Then they will remove any decay they find by it out and then fill the tooth or teeth to prevent further erosion from decay. If they feel it’s warranted, the dentist may use fluoride varnish that allows then dentist to target the areas that need the mineral and paint a light amount on their teeth.

It doesn’t take much fluoride to be effective on children’s teeth. Along with preventing the development of decay-causing bacteria, fluoride treatment can protect tooth enamel and even rebuild minor enamel erosions. Our dentist is experienced working with children, so we can help educate them on how to effectively brush their tooth and how to floss.

If you need a dentist for your family in Greenville, TX, don’t hesitate to call Graham Family Dental to schedule a consultation. Along with your child’s teeth, we can also help you take care of and protect your teeth too.

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