SureSmile® Clear Aligners in Greenville, TX

Do you want to correct or straighten your misaligned teeth without drawing too much attention to yourself? Are you looking for an orthodontic solution that’s custom-made to suit your teeth and your lifestyle? Look no further than SureSmile® aligners. SureSmile aligners are clear aligners that are manufactured using cutting edge technology to provide support and restoration for your teeth during orthodontic treatment.

If you’re in Greenville, TX, you can get your clear aligners at Graham Family Dental. We offer SureSmile aligners to pediatric and adult patients alike.

How Do SureSmile Aligners Work?

The concept behind SureSmile aligners is pretty much the same as that of traditional metal braces—clear aligners pull misaligned teeth into their correct positions by exerting gentle pressure. The critical difference being clear aligners can be taken off at will. That is, they are removable. Our dentist in Greenville, TX, will let you know how long you need to keep your aligners off for maximum effectiveness.

During your appointment at Graham Family Dental, our dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth. This impression will be used to inform the design and manufacture of your clear aligners. SureSmile technology allows the dentist to visualize your treatment path, thus improving your chances of successful treatment while also guiding real-time correction during your orthodontic treatment.

Advantages of SureSmile Aligners

SureSmile aligners are virtually invisible. You can wear these clear aligners and go about your social interactions without worrying about drawing unnecessary attention. During social situations, you can easily take off your clear aligners to allow yourself more ease when interacting.

SureSmile technology allows our dentist to treat patients with varying types of misalignment. The software platform provided by SureSmile supports hybrid treatment since the manufacturers know that no two patients are alike. That translates into better treatment results for every patient, regardless of your type of malocclusion.

If you’re interested in trying out our SureSmile aligners, give us a call today. Our dentist in Greenville, TX, will evaluate your case and determine whether you’re well suited for clear aligners. If your teeth are severely misaligned, our dentist may recommend starting with conventional braces and then shifting to SureSmile aligners later on—if need be.

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