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Tongue-Tie Treatment

The tongue or lip tie diagnosis at Graham Family Dental is relatively common. Some children adapt to having a tie. For others, correction is needed to assist in breastfeeding and other mouth functions.

The “frenum” or “frenulum” is a piece of muscle tissue at the top lip or beneath the tongue. This tissue typically thins and recedes as your child grows. However, for some, the frenum can be too tight or too short, and that will cause a mobility restriction in the tongue or upper lip. Lip ties have been shown to cause decay in the top front teeth, gaps in the two front teeth, and breastfeeding complications in some patients. Tongue ties can lead to breastfeeding issues, speaking difficulty, and bad oral hygiene.

Tongue or Lip Tip in Infants

If the frenum is too tight or not long enough, infants can have low weight gain. A lip or tongue-tie can interfere with latching ability while breastfeeding. An improper latch during breastfeeding can also lead to an excessive amount of gas and bloating. It may also be more painful for nursing mothers who breastfeed when an infant has a tongue or lip tie. Nursing infants are good candidates as this problem is one of the main issues with infants that cannot nurse or latch on, and with our laser, we can perform this safely on infants.

For Kids

Without a frenectomy, a tongue or lip can affect proper tooth alignment, lead to cavities and impede speech. By age three, speech problems become apparent. There no way to know if a child will have speech difficulties, but the following conditions are commonly seen in children in Greenville, TX with tongue or lip ties:

  • Difficulty moving tongue side to side
  • Inability to stick out the tongue past the upper gums
  • Inability to touch the roof of the mouth
  • Significant spacing or gap between upper or lower front teeth
  • V-shaped notch at the tip of the tongue

When ties are not corrected, it can also lead to GERD and some breathing and sleep difficulties. Due to the pressure or restriction, gum recession can result in the teeth, gaps between the upper and lower teeth, tissue sensitivity, or tooth decay caused by increased bacteria.

Performed Without Anesthesia

This minor surgical procedure takes less than 15 minutes to perform. We perform this surgery using a high-tech dental laser, so no general anesthesia is needed. Patients will experience very minimal discomfort during the procedure. This treatment is very safe and quick.

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