What Is Painless No Shot Dentistry?

What Is Painless No Shot Dentistry?

Mar 01, 2020

Would you believe if informed the dentists can provide painless dentistry without shots? You would probably call the information as fake as a seven dollar bill. Generally, most people would advise you to stop sticking sharp metal objects in your mouth but don’t complain when dentists come at you with a noisy drill made of metal believing it is normal. It is the reason why people are scared of visiting the dentist where many procedures need anesthesia, injections, stitches, and plenty of recovery time. Fortunately, new advances have been introduced that are helping highly skilled dentists to provide painless visits to the dentist’s office. General dentistry is benefiting from laser dentistry which is a fast and effective method of performing a variety of dental procedures.

Laser dentistry uses heat and light to perform the procedures while being virtually pain-free. Let us understand how this revolutionary introduction is making general dentistry offer painless no shot dentistry.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

A dental treatment with lasers works by honing an intense beam of light energy to perform dental procedures of the intense kind. The lasers are easy to control and permit dentists to painlessly vaporize or cut tissue upon coming into contact, eliminate tooth decay, and remove the soft tissue from gums. The high-energy light beam cauterizes as it functions to minimize blood loss and drastically reduces recovery time or the need for over-the-counter pain medications. Lasers are also capable of preventing bacterial infections by sterilizing the area and minimizing the damage to the surrounding tissues.

Laser Dentistry — Why Is it Painless?

Does the thought of a scalpel entering your mouth give you the shivers? If so, you can consider laser dentistry as your new friend in the dentist’s office. This technology which is using high-energy light is vastly less invasive than the traditional methods that were used earlier. In many dental procedures, lasers eliminate the use of drills and scalpels which automatically reduces the need for anesthesia. Dentists can perform cavity fillings and biopsies with the help of laser dentistry. The surrounding tissues in the mouth are protected because all procedures performed with laser dentistry are precisely accurate. You will need no stitches in your mouth and will be left with caring for yourself after the procedure. Lasers can sterilize the area of the procedure as an added bonus and therefore they can reduce the risk of painful bacterial infections.

Solea Laser

The bestselling hard and soft tissue laser in the industry and approved by the FDA is the Solea laser which has taken the lead in painless dentistry. If you are an anxious patient you may rely on anesthesia to get you through a dental visit even if you dislike the groggy and numb feeling that you will be left with after the procedure. However, with the Solea laser, you can as a patient skip anesthesia altogether because you won’t find a need for it. The Solea laser is the first CO2 laser that is using a unique wavelength guided by modern computer controls to vaporize enamel and tissue from any angle with amazing speed and accuracy. You will feel no pain triggering vibrations and will have the benefit of anesthesia-free results allowing you to undergo different types of hard and soft tissue procedures in a single visit to the dentist’s office.

If you believed painless dentistry was a dream that was impossible to achieve you can now change your mind because it is indeed possible and is available with the revolutionary laser dental treatments provided by Graham Family Dental. The exceptional dental team at this clinic is dedicated to providing you a comfortable time in the dentist’s chair. Should you have any queries you can contact them before your visit as they are always happy to answer any questions you have and address your concerns to ensure your dental experience with them is the absolute best.

Henceforth, dental visits for any reason should not be scaring you because of the fear of needles or any other dental tools. You can confidently visit the dentist knowing full well that you would be provided painless no shot dentistry and any procedure you need will be performed by the general dentist comfortably.

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