What Precisely Is Waterlase and Is It Safe?

What Precisely Is Waterlase and Is It Safe?

Apr 01, 2020

Are you scared of dental visits because the drill strikes fear into your heart by its noise, vibration, and heat? If so, you will be happy to understand that Biolase® technology has designed innovative dental lasers to nullify the complexity and trauma associated with many dental procedures.

The Waterlase device can remove hard and soft tissue by utilizing hydrokinetic technology with laser-powered water droplets. No heat, vibrations, or noise is associated with the Waterlase laser. It is also safe as the FDA has determined that hydrokinetic laser is safe for use on adults and children way back in 1998.

What Procedures Can the BioLase® Waterlase Help in?

This piece of dental equipment is highly versatile and can be used to provide painless treatment in many procedures including:

  • Preparation of cavities.
  • Enamel and dentin procedures.
  • Caries removal.
  • Gum reshaping and lifts.
  • Removing tooth decay.
  • Soft tissue procedures.

What Are the Benefits Offered by Waterlase?

Waterlase functions accurately by combining atomized water and laser energy to remove hard and soft tissue gently. This accurate laser eliminates the need for anesthesia in most cases. An added benefit is the sterilization of the surgical area by the laser ensuring that risks of bacterial infections or invasion are also eliminated. Children and patients with dental anxiety will find that Waterlase is offering a painless method to achieve the perfect smile.

Given below are some reasons why the use of Waterlase is preferred to the conventional dental drill:

  • Neighboring teeth remain unaffected.
  • Fillings are bonded faster and stronger.
  • Minimal removal of the healthy tooth is needed.
  • During and after the procedure patients experience minimal bleeding.
  • Freedom from noise, heat, and unpleasant vibrations.
  • Highly accurate to generate better results.
  • Reduction in dental visits.
  • Postsurgical infections reduced.

How Are Waterlase Treatments Performed?

Waterlase treatments can differ but certain elements remain constant. The laser dentistry specialist will first provide protective eyewear as a shield for the eyes. Thereafter a tiny Waterlase laser will aim streams of atomized water to cut through the hard or soft tissue. The laser also sterilizes as it moves to indicate that in soft tissue augmentation procedures the entire treatment can be completed in a single visit.

Increasing comfort levels while reducing dental anxiety and cost is the aim of the Waterlase laser. Additionally, it is the least invasive and the most effective tool at the disposal of general dentistry. Waterlase can greatly improve the health of the teeth while restoring the beauty of the smile.

Can Waterlase Perform Specialized Procedures?

Waterlase can perform different types of specialized procedures apart from the variety that commonly affect people. Waterlase can be used for cosmetic dentistry procedures such as laser whitening, composite fillings, porcelain veneers, and crowns.

People affected by periodontal disease can benefit from Waterlase which can be used to provide laser periodontal therapy effectively and painlessly. This innovative device is unlikely to strike fear in your heart to make you believe dental anxiety is a thing of the past. Preparing cavities for fillings is another procedure that can be accomplished by Waterlase by eliminating the need for drilling and pain that is normally associated.

Removing tooth decay which is often a reason for the development of cavities is a procedure that is quite common with children who are often fearful of the dentist. As laser dentistry provides painless treatment children will be willing and cooperative when undergoing dental cleanings to remove tooth decay. They may even begin enjoying the procedure and the stream of atomized water that is aimed in their mouths to remove the decay.

The fact that Waterlase reduces dental visits also means patients will save money and time that is a major cause of concern for many. People undergoing cosmetic procedures like having dental veneers placed no longer have to worry about having extra tooth enamel removed or their neighboring teeth being affected. They can confidently undergo the treatment with Waterlase because it ensures everything has been taken care of to provide the patient with ease and comfort at the dental office. Most importantly the procedures performed with the Waterlase laser work accurately to generate better results without causing excessive bleeding during and after the procedures making it one that will be favored by many with time.

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