No-Shot Dentistry in Greenville, TX

Hardly any people look forward to visiting the dentist, and with good reason. Traditionally, dental offices are scary places full of drills, terrifying sounds from intimidating dental equipment, needles, and shots—not the kind of combination anybody can look forward to.

Thankfully, many dental offices—including ours—have embraced technology in the provision of pain-free and non-invasive dental care. At Graham Family Dental, we offer no-shot dentistry to our patients. No-shot dentistry utilizes the cutting edge Waterlase system—a modification of laser dentistry that combines laser energy with water and air, allowing the dentist to forego the drill, shots, and sometimes, anesthesia.

If you’ve always been scared of getting treated for cavities or gum disease, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Greenville, TX for an experience that’s guaranteed to make you look forward to (or at least less fearful of) dental offices.

Laser Dentistry at Graham Family Dental

During your dental procedure, our dentist in Greenville, TX, will use the Waterlase system to direct a highly targeted light beam (laser) to the affected part of your oral cavity—be it a tooth or gum tissue. The Waterlase not only directs high energy light to your tooth but also contains water to hydrate and cut through your tooth painlessly.

During treatment, you’ll feel minimal pain and discomfort. Depending on the procedure, our dentist may forego anesthesia, but only if you’re comfortable without it.

Laser dentistry is available to all patients, as long as the dentist determines that the procedure you require can be successfully treated using laser technology.

No-Shot Dentistry Procedures

No-shot dentistry is available for a variety of dental procedures. You can enjoy painless no-shot dentistry at Graham Family Dental if you’re coming in for:

Thanks to no-shot dentistry, you and your child can enjoy dental work without worrying about pain. You’ll also enjoy speedier healing times, which allows you to resume your daily activities faster.

If you have any questions regarding no-shot dentistry or wish to book an appointment, give us a call today.

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