At Graham Family Dental, we have invested in superior technology to provide the best dental care to our patients in Greenville, TX. When you book an appointment with us, you’re saying yes to innovative technology that makes your treatment easier, faster, and more convenient. Schedule a session with our dentist today if you’d like to experience the beauty of our technology, which includes:

Sirona CEREC MCX Miller

The Sirona Cerec MCX Miller, for wet and dry milling, makes the process of getting dental restorations faster, easier, and more precise. This beautiful and highly efficient innovation makes it possible for you to get your dental crowns in a single visit. Thanks to its dry milling capabilities, you don’t have to wait for your restorations to be dried, and you can get everything you require through a simple, chairside procedure.

Sirona Cerec MC X At Graham Family Dental

Cerec MCX Machine at Graham Family Dental

Dentsply Sirona Speedfire

The Dentsply Sirona Speedfire has transformed the sintering process into a quick 10 to 15 minutes affair—which means faster and more convenient appointments for our clients. In the case of a restoration that contains porcelain and metal, sintering refers to the fusion of the ceramic to the metal without liquefaction.

Cerec Speed Fire Machine At Graham Family Dental

Sirona Speed Fire View from Leftside

Sirona Speed Fire View from Rightside

Dentsply Primescan Intraoral Scanner

The Primescan Intraoral Scanner is our digital scanning tool that allows our dentist to have a sharp-focus view of your affected teeth. Whether you’re coming in for a single tooth treatment, or need treatment for a full arch, Primescan captures everything that the dentist requires to come up with a successful treatment plan. What’s even better—Primescan makes sharing of data smoother, resulting in better collaboration and faster results.

Primescan Intraoral Scanner Screen

Dentsply Screen at Dentistry

Primescan Intraoral Scanner at Graham Family Dental

Primescan Intraoral Scanner For Cerec

Dental Lab For In-House Appliance Fabrication

Our dental lab is equipped with Drufomat, which allows us to make oral appliances in-house. Our dental lab makes custom whitening trays and night guards, especially for patients struggling with bruxism. Thanks to the technology we have invested in, you can get a smaller and more comfortable oral appliance to help with your sleep apnea. This appliance works excellently, is more convenient and less expensive compared to the bulkier and noisy CPAP machine, which is used in the management of sleep apnea.

Do you want to experience dental care in a dental office that combines years of professional experience with cutting edge technology? Give Graham Family Dental a call today.

Epic X™️

The Epic X™️ laser from Biolase®️ is three tools in one: a soft tissue laser, a pain-relieving laser, and a teeth whitening laser. No needles, no drills, just results! Laser Dentistry is the cutting-edge technology our patients will love! It allows us to be more precise and quickens the healing time. Call us today to learn about our NO SHOT dentistry!

Epic X™️ At Graham Family Dental


Perfectio+ uses LED (Light-Emitting-Diodes) technology, using red and infrared light that can effectively penetrate into the skin. The LED light is known to promote the production of cells, collagen fibers, and elastin. The Perfectio+ treatment probe (metal head) will heat up to 40° to 104° to 107° Fahrenheit to provide topical heating that increases local blood flow at the treated area.

Perfectio+ At Graham Family Dental
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